Quality Dental Plan for Employers

Affordable Benefits for Your Employees

No monthly premiums. No hidden fees.  No insurance headaches.

Introducing an exciting way to offer dental benefits to your employees without the expense or hassle of insurance companies. Quality Dental Plan (QDP) saves your business thousands of dollars while providing quality, dental care to your employees and their families.

  • No monthly premiums
  • No annual limits
  • Discounts on all procedures (even cosmetic, specialties and orthodontics!)
  • Immediate availability for all employees & family members
  • No paperwork hassles or dental restrictions



Simple and Affordable

With traditional insurance, employees deal with complicated claims forms, monthly premiums, limited treatments, deductibles and annual maximums. But QDP makes it simple. You can cover their full preventive care for the entire year – and provide significant discounts on all further treatment (including cosmetic work and major procedures).

QDP is available immediately to all employees – even part-time or new hires – and their families. Best of all, there are no third-party companies, waiting periods or confusing restrictions.


Since each Quality Dental Plan-affiliated office administers their own savings plan, patient support and plan administration is handled by a member of your community, not a 3rd party corporation. Your Quality Dental Plan office becomes your partner in providing health care for your employees.

Quality Dental Plan is your local, affordable option for providing your employees with dental benefits they will value for years to come.

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Quality Dental Plan features:

  • Savings on all annual routine procedures, as well as discounts on specialty services, including cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics
  • No annual limits – QDP patients enjoy savings on dental care all year long
  • No waiting periods – QDP starts immediately
  • No tiresome paperwork hassles – QDP members enjoy fast, prompt service from their local dental office.
  • Extremely affordable fees for individuals and families

Contrast to Traditional Dental Insurance:

  • High deductibles, low annual maximums and certain procedures, such as cosmetic dentistry, are rarely – if ever – covered
  • Many limitations and exclusions on pre-existing conditions
  • Waiting periods for major dental procedures
  • Time-consuming written claims process
  • Businesses can expect to pay expensive monthly premiums for very defined coverage

Savings for Employers

Quality Dental Plan offers significant savings for your business. Compare QDP with the costs and coverage of traditional insurance plans:



Call a QDP dental practice today to find out how you can start offering your employees high quality, low cost dental benefits with huge savings for your business.

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