Quality Dental Plan (QDP) is not insurance and it is not a discount dental plan. QDP provides patient loyalty program infrastructure, marketing and administration tools to independent dental providers. QDP is not a risk-bearing insurance model. There are no fee-splitting arrangements between QDP and independent dental providers. QDP programs are not transferable between independent dental providers. All dental providers working with QDP have the freedom to establish their own fees, savings, and loyalty program benefits and rules. Patients pay the independent dental providers directly for services and QDP does not have any patient contact at any time. QDP is compensated by dental providers directly for services provided by our company.

Attention Florida residents:

The plan is not insurance. This is not a dental discount plan as defined in Chapter 636, Florida Statutes. Any office listed provides savings directly through their office for dental services. The plan does not make payments directly to the providers of dental services. Any plan member at a dental office is obligated to pay for all health care services directly to the dental office. QDP does not deal directly with consumers. QDP does not market dental office’s plans. QDP does not accept payments from consumers. For specific details of any office listed you must contact the office directly.